Wyandanch Family & Recognition Day Inc. also serves as a community resource for other grass-roots organizations to disseminate information and to support causes that benefit the Greater Wyandanch community. Although we do not endorse individual candidates, we do share official public information of candidates seeking offices in local legislation or education. We also support Census & Voter Registration, which are inherent rights of citizens throughout our community.

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The Black Lives Matter movement by definition is:

“A campaign against violence and systematic racism against black people or people of color”

Wyandanch, is a predominantly African-American and Hispanic community that has been plagued by the effects of Racism for decades.

Historically, we have been unjustly characterized as Thug, Drug Dealers, Addicts and Prostitutes who
were treated as low-class or unworthy people.

We can attest to Systemic inequality & profiling in education, employment, housing, insurance and
healthcare opportunities.

We have endured oppression from excessive and aggressive practices of law enforcement, business
owners and policy-makers that serve our township.

Whether openly displayed or obviously disguised, there exists an undeniable Racism against people and
communities of color in this country which is a cancer to our society.

We stand in solidarity with the “Black Lives Matter” movement. We look forward to collaborating with
organizations that stand for it’s true cause and agenda.