Corporate Sponsors

  • Town of Babylon Resource Center
  • United Way
  • Independent Support Services
  • Harris Inc.
  • Armstrong Post
  • Combined Insurance
  • Daniel Schindler Agency
  • Wyandanch Fire Company Inc.
  • Albanese Organization Inc.
  • Council of Thought & Action (COTA)
  • Federation of Organizations
  • Huntington Church of Christ
  • Arizona
  • Lighthouse Insurance
  • NY Community Roslyn Bank
  • Skope Medical
  • Wyandanch-Wheatley Heights Ambulance Corp.
  • Huntington Church of Christ
  • Kings Hardware
  • Mikles Management Corp.
  • Star Flower Experience
  • True Life Church
  • Allstate Insurance
  • Verizon
  • Wyandanch School District & Board Members
  • Elijah Chapter of Eastern Stars
  • 3D Dance StudioIn

Individual Sponsors

Aja McCutcheon
Angie Brown Walton
Lisa Spann Marrow
Barbara Adams
Barline Francois

Lamont Brown
Marlene Marrow
Michael Dooley
Sandra Sibblies
Sharon Marrow
Kevin Spann

Charice Drakeford
German &Ligia Cruz
Joe Marion
Darlette Quarles
Leslie Haggerty Tellis
Charles “Jazz” Jackson

Sponsors of $500 or more

Alumni Sponsors

Daryl “Chill” Mitchell
Dr. Frank Abel
Kevin Spann
Andre Woodard
George Cooper
Corey Williams
DJ Belal Millier


William “Rakim” Griffin
Geoffrey Canada

Regina Carter & 3D Dance Studio
Thurston O’Neal
Jeff Roberson
Justin Starling
Ladies of Skyy (R&B Artist)
Justin Leach
Young Izz
Melba Moore (R&B Artist)
Jeff Redd (R&B Artist)
DJ Self (Love & Hip-Hop NY)

Jaqua’e (Love & Hip-Hop NY)
Will Traxx
Christopher Williams (R&B Artist)
And1 Streetball
Uniondale HS Band
Roosevelt HS Band
Groove B Chill (Hip-Hop Group)
Eric B & Rakim, (Hip-Hop Group)
YoYo (Hip-Hop Artist/CA)
Nice & Smooth (Hip-Hop Group)

DAS-EFX (Hip-Hop Group)
Alvin Toney (Hip-Hop Producer)
T-Ski Valley (Hip-Hop Artist)
Parrish “PMD” Smith (Hip-Hop Artist)
Chico Benymon (Actor & R&B artist)
K-Starr (Power 105 FM)
Large Professor (Hip-Hop Producer)
The Awesome Two (Hip-Hop Group)
Grand Wizard Theodore
Grand Daddy IU

Bouncy House Sponsor